Friday, January 2, 2009

Pointers to a Successful Exhibition

This exhibition will be a very unique one. You have lots of experience in designing and executing exhibitions before. Thus the technicalities are not much of a problem. It is the conceptualisation that is critical at this juncture. For this, I am thinking this afternoon of some points to consider like below:

Pointers to a Successful Exhibition:
You know what you want.
You have a mission, a goal.
You have a time schedule to be adhered to.
You have the spirit.
Contribute uniquely.
Understand your deep instincts.
Express first to clarify your thinking.
Be objective about the whole show.
Material rewards are automatic.
Have a succesful show.

The above jottings are pointers or key ideas that I must adhere whenever I'm planning or executing the programmes. Time is of the essence how because there's only 40 weeks remaining.
However, to capture the above pointers well, I like to express them here in a story-like form, albeit a poem!

Essence of Well Being

When words are sharper
than the sword
when a fling casts tight
what is held
with lesser might
I'll turn back
to the secret of well being.

Live to abide
only the essence
that spark to light
the channel to self-knowledge
sticky confidence and believe
to pale my stubborn ignorance
and embrace dear Truth
and make humble
this believing heart.

Now,Strike! the wheels
whirling to grasp
the deepest conscience
forever renewing
this hurried life
but remain still
true to myself.

2 January'09

Note: As part of the coming exhibition, my poems will be exhibited and reproduce in may forms. Probably in a book or part of a book e.g. collection of essays,sketches,photographs,etc Well, I'm open to suggestions or radical ways to exhibit them.

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