Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Overtones

In 1974 ( 35 years ago ) I wrote a poem entitled 'The Overtones', without the slightest idea of how or by what means could I share my learning ( lofty ideals ?) to the whole wide world as per the last three lines of the poem. I meant the universe back then.
It beats me now. With the benefit of hindsight, all is clear. It's the power of the Internet. Did I knew intuitively before that it could be so easily done like today with the world wide web? It is a mystery answered.
The picture ( inset) is an image taken out of my scrap book about the same time and dated 30th July,1974. The sketch was done to illustrate the poem. The scrapbook will be among the items to be exhibited in the 2nd Solo. (Note: 'M' is the acronym for 'MOOD' - my creative identity)

The Overtones
And every morning I wake up
To see the blues
The reds and yellows
Whirl in endless ecstasy
For here I am
Alone on a blue mountain
The red sun
Come! Ablaze me in my loneliness
And let the golden yellow
Shine my brilliance and thought
Across the universe.

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